Consider us your BS filter for the supplement industry. We have done the research for you, offering only the best most effective supplements available on the market.  Don’t waste anymore time and money on supplements that don’t give you the promised results.

All supplements in our catalog have been researched and fully meet our criteria. First and foremost they all must have effective ingredients proven by actual human clinical studies, not just positive results from in vitro, or animal studies like so many supplement companies use and rely on to support their claims.

No “proprietary blends” listed on the ingredient label unless it lists specific amounts of each ingredient in the blend.  This is another trick supplement companies use to fool the consumer by pixie dusting with exotic sounding ingredients that usually have no proven benefits and if they do there is likely not enough in the product to be useful.

Lastly, all products must be third party verified giving you the confidence in knowing the ingredients listed on the label are what is actually in the product. You would think this should be a no brainer for supplement companies, but it is not.  Many brands do not take this extra step in providing confidence to its consumer. And time and again, those that do not have been shown to be selling mere placebos or have very minimal amounts of the listed ingredients in the product. We will also continue to follow third party lab testing, and if any of the products that we offer fail testing results, they will be removed from our catalog immediately.

This criteria sounds simple enough, but the vast majority of products do not meet this criteria. Due to the minimal industry regulations that supplement companies have to follow, many are just in it for the profits.  We need to vote with our dollars and only support the trustworthy supplement brands that have your fitness goals in mind, not just profits.