MusclePharm Sport Series Re-Con

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Refuel + Rebuild. Groundbreaking Post-Workout. Improves Muscle Recovery % Reduces Soreness. Significantly Increases Nutrient Delivery. MusclePharm Re-Con takes post-workout recovery to the next level, utilizing ingredients such as GroPlex and VitaCherry Sport to initiate methods of increased nutrient delivery and a reduction in muscle soreness. Additionally, Re-Con offers the functional, complex carbohydrates Carb10, full spectrum amino acids, Creatine Monohydrate, Leucine, and Glutamine. This further enhances your rate of muscle recovery and muscle growth to bring you back to the gym quicker to meet the demands of your training regimen! Key Features: Optimal Glycogen Replenishment With Carb10, Advanced Nutrient Delivery With Bioactive Peptides, GroPlex, No Proprietary Blends. We Live It. We Prove It. Our Researchers and Physicians Have Performed Over 20 Clinical, University & Independent Studies. 22 Million Finished Products Certified As Banned-Substance Tested By Informed-Choice. Above-and-Beyond Industry Standards.